FTF: Week of July 21, 2017

FTF image


1. Work/life balance is the unicorn everyone is talking about. Those scales will never be even in my heart. But my head knows that each day (or sometimes hour) dictates where my focus needs to be. Sometimes, work should be the focus. That is OOOOOKKKKKK. Breathe it in parents. That. is. OK. Work to have a good life and appreciate how these gears power each other.

2. Some days seem fruitless. You can pitch stories, do follow ups, send info and then…wait. Ever had a day where all your efforts felt worthless? Seem like you’re the only one at your desk? Shake it off and keep going. Think of those days as seed planting. Your opportunities will sprout soon!



3. Respect people’s time. If you need someone’s attention, ask for it. Don’t just walk in their office or ambush them over the phone with an issue that’ll take 30 minutes to discuss. Request their time, disclose the agenda and let them be positioned to help you. 


What did this week teach you? Share any special #FinalThoughtsFriday nuggets with me in the comments below!