Introducing: Final Thoughts Friday

What I think about on Fridays. Copyright: MVW Communications. 

What I think about on Fridays. Copyright: MVW Communications. 

I've been terrible about posting consistently. Who has time, right? I've I noticed I can find time to write blog posts on Fridays. My brain is DONE by Friday, though. So let's keep it simple. I'm launching a special Friday series where I round up the best lessons the week had to offer. The good, bad and the uggggglllly.

Week of July 14, 2017

1. Don't "borrow" anyone's images to use on your company website. No matter how dinky the company. Copyright infringement is real and you will get busted. Getty Images will find you and fine you! Thanks for the reminder, friends at Solo PR Pro!

2. Be clear about your intentions. We get angry when drivers don't use their signal, but there are ALOT of us drifting through life avoiding conversations. If you can't make an event, don't feel like helping or know you're going to miss a deadline -- Just Say It. Or email it. Or text it. In a nice way, but say it. Ghosting people gives you a bad rep.

3.  Ask in person. Research shows that people are more likely to say yes 34 times more when you ask them in person versus email. I know this more than ever trying to build partnerships in cities I don't reside. Meet your colleagues for coffee and keep those relationships going. And save your "ask" for the right time and place.

4. Finally, kids get sick. Often. When you don't have time for it. Have back up sitters, HSA budgets and vitamin C on hand. Always. 


What did this week teach you? Share any special nuggets with me in the comments below!