FTF: Week of Sept. 8, 2017

FTF image


1. OMG it's September. I can't even get into any smart reflections because typing that date seems impossible. That cliché you heard as a kid, "every year seems to go faster than the one before," starts proving true when your responsibilities block out most of the waking hours. That's fine. But can you believe it's already September?

2. Learning takes work. I've started teaching some college classes this semester. Our daughter is back in school. All these deadlines, assignments, readings and such boil down to a truth. Learning takes work. That's why it's such an accomplishment to graduate from one level to another. That's why you have to earn each level of education. Or an accreditation. Or each career promotion. And that's why those who do the work to continue learning often continue advancing. Find ways to keep learning. Or don't. But understand the opportunity to learn is always there when you are ready to work at it.  

3. Collaborate for the better. Tackling a problem, a project or a personal goal as a team can make your life so much easier. Any task can be more efficient, smarter and fun if you pick the right partner. I've adopted this mindset since my school days and keep it a cornerstone of my business. Identify your most intelligent and reliable peers, colleagues or mentors. Value them as your tribe and stay connected to keep this roster top of mind. Collaborate as often as you can. Work/life balance improves, good karma increases and your client load can increase with the additional capabilities and connections. Call on me if you ever need a teammate!

What did this week teach you? Share any special nuggets with me in the comments below!