FTF: Week of Aug. 24, 2018

FTF 11.16.2019.jpg

1. Attention to detail is wildly important. Something as simple as one wrong word can ruin a deal, end your chance at a job opportunity, or put you into hot water with a client, spouse or even your kid. Slow down when you email, post any copy on social media and speak. What you say has power, and now people have the ability to broadcast your remarks anytime, anyplace. Written words give your audience time to digest them. They stick around longer --  as proof of brilliance or incompetence. Creative writers are great, but strong editors seem to increase in value each year.

2. Surviving the #SummerSqueeze. Each summer, working parents go through what I like to call the #SummerSqueeze. It’s the pressure you feel when your kids have totally bought into having a fun summer but you still have work as usual. This causes lots of envy, #momguilt, disappointment, and logistical acrobatics. Add in the cost of day camps (plus their before/aftercare) and it’s a squuueeezzzeee. Isn’t it time we reassess what really works for today's world? Aligning the school schedule a bit more with the work schedule during the school year and offering more year-round options may offer many benefits to our families.

3. Dressing like a professional in Texas heat is HARD. When the temperature is hovering around 100 degrees, it’s hard to keep up your professional appearance. Makeup gets dewy for all the wrong reasons, and the typical go-to sweaters or blazers feel like heat traps. Dresses can offer women some relief, but then Spanx in this weather feels yuck. What’s your “good lawd it’s hot” outfit when you want to look like a pro?

What did this week teach you? Share any special nuggets with me in the comments below!