FTF: Week of June 7, 2019

FINAL 6.7.19 FTF image 1.png

1. Helping others is helping yourself.

Relationships matter, but shallow relationships give you shallow support.

Help others by volunteering for that panel you’re invited to, sharing a business opportunity, job lead, championing their work to others, etc. Personally, it’s sometimes about paying it forward for those who have made a place at the table for me.

Ask yourself this.

“How can I really help the community? How can I help those who are helping me?”

Look out for other people. It will always pay dividends and not only in a business sense, but in the sense of gaining authentic, valuable relationships that will buoy you throw life’s storms. They’ll return the support when you need them.

Here’s the thing. Networking is a process that everyone tries at some point. We often forget about the importance of building and maintaining those connections until we have a need. As one of my favorite podcasters Jordan Harbinger says, “dig the well before you’re thirsty.”

2. Don’t let a pimple get in your way.

I recently presented a media relations training in which I reminded the audience to check themselves over before interviews for blemishes, boogers, eye crusties and food in their teeth. Why? Because human imperfections like a red-hot zit in the middle of your forehead can distract an audience from the important message you’re sharing. Take an honest look at your appearance and groom away any distractions. Humans are visual creatures and perception is important.

Here’s a tip. Every trip to the bathroom is a chance to come out looking better than you did when you walked in. Do a quick check there, in the car visor mirror, or on your phone before you head into any interview, presentation or meeting.

3. There’s power in collaboration.

Keeping all the toys to yourself makes for a lonely kid. Likewise, keeping all the business to yourself can keep you from scaling projects and learning from other A players. Team up strategically with other pros who are smarter than you in their areas to keep yourself sharp. Or, hire support to make sure you focus on task you’re the expert on.

We recently won two PRSA awards and are up for three AMA awards. How thrilling! These campaigns were made possible by pulling in other pros and collaborating with clients to make the most of all the knowledge and untapped ideas (or opportunities) available.

As a business owner, I could choose to keep all the work to myself. However, I know that two intelligent minds are better than one. Plus, if life happens or I’m committed elsewhere, team members can keep work moving forward. No star earns the stage all on their own.

What did this week teach you? Share any special nuggets with me in the comments below!